Liaisons Urbaines

As its name indicates it, the association Liaisons urbaines was established to develop links between the urban said disciplines and the actors of the international urban scene.

More exactly anchored in the artistic disciplines of the Hip-Hop culture, our association aims at developing activities around these to bring to the foreground the positive, creative, educational and public-spirited aspects, in an objective of social cohesion. For this, we have been exploring any useful means since 2012 and the beginnings of our Geneva Summer Break Festival event which was the spearhead of our action bringing together generations, disciplines, teaching methods, nations.

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For a harmonious development of the artistic disciplines of Hip Hop culture and to ensure the link between each, Liaisons Urbaines started in 2015 its youth camps with "Break & Hip Hop" in partnership with Caritas-Jeunesse. In 2016, Graff Week also joined the Liaisons Urbaines summer offer.

Transmission to younger generations and development of Hip Hop specific pedagogies has become a major issue facing the popularization of these disciplines.

At the same time, the personal development that these disciplines make possible is a reality that we could not leave behind. To know thy self better, to persevere, to respect the ancients, to widen one's horizons through knowledge, is among others, what our camps allow; without forgetting the dimension of sharing and living together.


For novice or experienced dancers, our Rocking Masterclasses allow the development of an original Brooklyn style under the direction of internationally recognized dancers such as Ringo (NYC(, Mighty Mile (NYC), Jacky (TWN), FT (RU) or Kostek (PL). On the program: steps, musicality, long burns, drops, jerks, solo, duet, and Apache Line.

The outdoor jam
an exchange between 4 disciplines

An artistic village bringing all the intensity of the Hip-Hop culture through the most beautiful spots of Geneva Lake.


Cypher Masters
Bboy / BGirl


Helvetic Rock Contest
Apache line & Battles


Rare Groove


Live painting

Endurance, dynamism, intensity...
Be ready !
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Vega roc

Mr Riddler





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Fabulae Genavenses

The tale, the fable, the urban myth define the places and the popular culture of a region. However, in Geneva, few legends circulate. Even fewer recent stories. Pets, local wildlife, mythical creatures and unlikely chimeres, each place is potentially the lair of a fabulous creature or a surprising story.

Author Florian Eglin and artist Serval team up to fill Geneva with stories fabulous, all based on the real origins of each municipality, its fauna, its flora, real or mythological. The project is developed through frescoes, paintings and posters, interactive presentations, readings and follow-up on virtual platforms, all coordinated by the association Liaisons Urbaines.

From walls of several tens of meters to paintings on solid wood, from haiku to tale, the towns and cities of Geneva are enriched with a fanciful bestiary, but also anecdotes that recall their forgotten origins, their symbolic animals and the places that define them. Fabulae Genavenses is an artistic project that mixes the creative process of the author with that of the illustrator, both keen on mythology and local culture. Dive to the heart of the history but also of the fauna of their canton, the two join forces and advance this collection of urban and rural legends by being offered walls and facades by individuals and public authorities in the districts and municipalities of Geneva. From Carouge to Confignon via Eaux-Vives, fables develop and increase their follow-up of curious, fans and lovers of art and stories.

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Fabulae Genavenses image 1
Fabulae Genavenses image 1
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OUT.SIDE|ART is a gallery specializing in graffiti, post-graffiti, abstract and street art large format canvas. Very close to the artists we present, our primary desire is to show Swiss talents. For this, we always select artists of renown and recognized for the quality of their work and the stylistic development that they have been able to bring into their artistic movement or the genuine style they preserved. We can also present artists less known, but just as impressive for their graphic contribution

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Recognized association of public utility

Liaisons Urbaines develops programs of access to urban art, citizen pedagogies adapted for young people and international artistic exchange programs.

Our actions

  • Establishment of a financial fund to help families in difficulty
  • Provisioning of specific artistic materia
  • Providing access to recognized local and international artists and educators
  • Offering a professional educational suppor


  • With a donation of CHF 25.- you give a child the necessary drawing material for a week of discovery.
  • With a donation of CHF 50.- you finance for a child a week of accommodation in a discovery camp.

give everyone an equal chance by contributing to artistic development and local citizenship

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